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 I believe that we can ask for help when we are experiencing difficulties, it is more useful than struggling with our problems by ourselves. I appreciate your trust and we can move forward together, either in a longer process or in a shorter consultation/counselling.


Welcome to my dear new Clients!


I am Zsuzsanna Kabai, certified Psychologist, Autogenic relaxation technique trainer, grief counsellor and Life coach.


I can help in the following cases:


-work-life balance

-dealing with conflicts at work

-management of stress arising from work

-stress disorders

-dealing with stress

-sleep problems

-coping with anger management problems

-dealing with grief, loss-life management problems

-developing self-confidence, self-esteem

-dealing with crisis situations

-helping Hungarians living abroad to cope with difficulties


 I am eagle to create an open and relaxed atmosphere during the sessions, in order to make people feel completely safe and open. I have gradually developed an interest and commitment towards psychology. During the process, I have received regular positive feedback on my sensitivity as an attentive listener and my ability to focus on the person I am talking to - this attitude is something I keep with me as I approach each initial counselling process with new clients. You can consult me with confidence on any subject.


 I have a degree in psychology from Pázmány Péter Catholic University, specialising in clinical and health psychology. Parallel to my studies I became an autogenic relaxation trainer. I completed the 150 hours of self-experience as part of the Meditative-imaginative Psychotherapy training, which I can also enrich our sessions with elements of this method. In 2023, I also completed the "Eclipse Association's" (Napfogyatkozás Egyesület) training in related to how to manage grief and help the grievers.


 I have gained experience in a number of individual counselling sessions so far, teaching the relaxation and non-anxiety technique of Autogenic Training, counselling in prison and psychiatry. I have also helped people with autism as a volunteer.


Memberships: The Hungarian Association of Relaxation and Symboltherapy

                       Australian Psychological Society

You can contact me via at any time. If you wish to attend in person, the venues of the practice is near Keleti railway station at 1076 Budapest, Garay utca 44. or in Óbuda at 1035 Budapest, Vörösvári út 9.

We can hold our sessions online too.

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